Text Message Services Connect Businesses to Their Customers

Mobile marketing, allows companies wanting to promote their products and services to do via mobile devices like cellular phones, I-phones and smartphones. However, businesses can’t waste time to text each of their customers’ one at a time. Instead, businesses often choose text message services to link them to their customers. Via text message services, companies can send mass promotions in a variety of different ways.
Launching Mobile Marketing Campaigns
Typically, to participate in mobile marketing, businesses need to design a marketing campaign. For example, a cellular phone retailer may offer a free phone and activation when a customer purchases a new smartphone. Once that’s done, companies then look to text message services to implement the campaign using short message services (SMS). SMS or texting is generally used as a means for people to communicate with each other wirelessly.
Types of Mobile Marketing Options Text Message Services Offer
Text message services offer different ways of reaching customers depending on the type of mobile marketing campaigns used. For example, companies wanting to launch an advertising campaign comparing two of their products such as chocolate verse chocolate with caramel may use text voting or polling. This allows customers to text their vote to a short code, or mobile telephone number with less than six digits.
Businesses wanting to receive and send mass text messages may request group texting. Text message services provide companies with the ability to produce, upload and manage a list of cellular phone numbers and to instantly text to them.
These services can design a platform, or way, for companies to send mobile coupons and offers to customers. Businesses running contests can also pay the services to design a text-to-win contest. Individuals can simply text the short code to win the prize offered. Typically, text messages services can set up the contest so that winners are either selected manually or randomly.
Mobile Marketing Isn’t Complicated, but Can Take Planning
For companies that are either not interested or not experienced with launching a mobile marketing campaign, text message services can help. These services bridge businesses and prospective and existing customers together through SMS. The cost for using text message services may vary depending on the businesses’ location, expertise and size.