How to Effectively Use SMS Promotions to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Mobile marketing, as the name implies, consists of promoting products of services via mobile telephones. This type of advertising employ a mobile marketing technique called Short Messaging Service, or SMS, to reach customers. SMS entails text messaging in 165 characters or less.
In the past, mobile marketing was only for the huge businesses that could afford to connect with customers using experience marketing campaigns. However, SMS promotions is an affordable way that small-- or new-- businesses can effectively connect with connect with, retain and acquire customers.
How SMS Promotions Works
Good SMS promotion campaigns work providing customers with something that they can’t get just going to the company and shopping. That’s why businesses can create loyalty programs or special clubs. Businesses can build brand loyalty and product interest by providing customers who opting into the program something free or discounted. For example, a restaurant could offer free food for opting into its loyalty program.
The point of SMS promotions is to keep customers coming back. Thus, businesses must always provide customers with discounts, special offers, coupons redeemable at the point of sale. Of course, companies can also include short information about new products to generate excitement.
Acquiring Customers: How to Connect or Gain Consent
SMS promotions involve gaining customers’ consent to receive text messages. Although the thought of asking individuals to opt-in to a SMS promotion program sounds complicated, it isn’t. Businesses can acquire customers by requesting to send them SMS promotion via text message. For instance, companies can print the request at the bottom of a contract. Once customers agree, businesses then add their cellular phone numbers to the SMS marketing database.
Another option for businesses to receive customer consent is letting them text a keyword to a short code. A short code is a type of phone number only for mobile devices, which consists of five to six numbers. Companies then send a confirm text containing a call to action such as “Text yes to confirm.”
Many businesses use traditionally advertising methods such as signs to generate interest in their SMS promotions. For instance, a company may print the keyword and short code on the bottom of customers’ receipt or place a sign in the store.
Keep Customers Engaged
Regardless of how businesses acquire customers, the most important aspect of SMS promotions is keeping customers engaged. Building sustainable interaction ultimately keeps customers coming back.
Businesses need to remember to create loyalty programs that continuously offer weekly or bi-weekly specials. The offers don’t always have to involve coupons, but special offers, free trial offers and free products. Also, to keep consumers engage, provide a way for customers to give feedback on products.