QR Codes that Work for Business Marketing

First created in the mid-1900s to keep track of automobile parts, Quick Response (QR) codes have moved from the automobile industry to the marketing industry. The codes have gained popularity because of their capacity to store large bits of information.
Instead of paying for expensive TV advertisement or web ads, companies can turn their attention to something less expensive and more innovative. That’s why QR Codes can be helpful to businesses wanting to market their products and services to consumers.
Incorporating QR Codes in a Marketing Plan
These codes can be used to advertise the location or to relay new products of the week or month for their customers. Subject and massage text also uses a QR code to send or receive emails. This allows people to receive or reply information or attached files directly.
For example, event planners or sport media can use QR code to relay events such as concerts, football, basketball, tournaments or early morning shopping sprees. The event information is added on a poster or the application automatically places information such as the name, date and location of the event and sends it to a personal computer or certain mobile device such as a smart phone.
In business marketing, QR codes and keywords is a great way to keep customers and obtain prospective customers that otherwise would not see the advertisement. For example, the QR code and keyword can be mixed along with an existing marketing advertisement that encourages people to respond. In turn, the customer information can be collected, tracked and used for future marketing ventures.
Think about What Consumers Want
QR codes are an inventive way to deliver a lot of company information to consumers without taking up a lot of space or advertising time. For example, companies can incorporate a QR code on posters or receipts that have a link to their website or company facts. The codes, however, have other important features when it comes to gaining new customers.
Businesses must think about what the people want and in many instances it’s incentives to shop. An effective way to drive customers to businesses is by using incentives such as discounts, giveaways, free products and special offers. Since QR codes work well with other marketing tools, companies can place the codes on posters and billboards. The poster may read “Snap a picture of the QR code below to receive a free (name of product).” It’s important to make customers want to use their mobile devices to read the codes.
However, don’t forget to have fun with the QR codes. Companies can use the QR codes to link to funny trailers about a product or have a list of latest promotions. Granted, using the codes involves selling the products, but it’s about immediately engaging customers too.
QR Codes Configuration
When working with QR codes, WIFI configuration can be automatically scanned to a specific code then to an android. Then the codes are configured to a wireless access, such as dorm rooms, hotels, restaurants, or coffee houses. SMS also use QR codes in text form and on phone numbers for marketing advertisement. For example, businesses use QR codes to scan an application to a person’s phone so that they can automatically participate in a contest, win countless prizes, and receive free item or coupons.
Some commercial or TV advertisements can also use a QR code and keywords to encourage a call to action from consumers. The keyword is simply a text to receive a free offer or to garner a vote for a favorite product.
Where to Place QR Codes
For promotional purposes place a QR Code on everything and anywhere to market a product. For instance, place QR codes on posters, flyers, in magazines, on merchandizing tags, stickers, windows, business cars, buses or even personal tattoos. Some major events such as large city gathering or music festivals like SXSW (South by Southwest) use QR codes for their promotional theme
Retail stores have gone mobile with QR Code placing advertisements on the side of end caps of their product shelves or on pop display that offer special discounts. Another unique advertisement method for QR codes is something called window cling, or land on mobile pages.
Window cling use what is called point of purchase (POP) to display window graphs for retail advertisement. The window cling is used to decorate and advertise a retail store window store specials, discounts and upcoming sales. This window cling QR code system is easy to apply to a glass surface without damaging the area and is easily removed or reused at a later date.
QR codes are also used to advertise brand name cola products. These QR codes are located on the side of a beverage cups. Some cigarette companies are now using QR codes to offer special discounts or coupons for their products. A number of gum manufactures are currently utilizing QR codes when packaging gum products.
Last Word on QR Codes
Businesses thinking about using QR codes in their marketing campaign should remember that consumers want something different, unique and engaging. Companies should use QR codes to interact, inform and excite customers about products and services. However, don’t try to cramp too much information into one QR code just because it can hold a lot of information. It’s not uncommon or incorrect to use more than one QR code-- just make sure not to go overboard.