What is Mobile Marketing?

Internet mobile marketing, commonly called mobile marketing or wireless marketing, is a broad concept that refers to communicating with others wirelessly. The traditional way of marketing involved “mobile” marketing such as moving, electronic billboards and road shows. Road shows consist of traveling demonstration shows.
Since the advancement of technology, mobile marketing involves means a way companies can promote products and services to customers through wireless media. Thus, it is a set of practices that allow businesses to communicate with customers via network or mobile devices.
Mobile marketing allows businesses to give information, personalized information, goods and services. Thus, mobile marketing provides businesses with a way to generate “buzz” about services or about their business in general. Although mobile marketing includes mobile devices like cellular phones, it can include laptops and devices that carry singles over a wireless local area network (WLAN) or satellite network.
Types of Mobile Marketing
The term mobile marketing is so broad because it includes a wide variety of ways to communicate with customers. For instance, they can obtain use short message service (SMS) and a short code, to promote goods or products. The short code, or telephone number, only has five to six numbers and allows customers to respond to special offers. A pizza parlor can send customers a text message saying “text PIZZA to 54321to join our VIP Club and receive a free small pizza.”
Other mobile marketing includes mobile coupons which allow clients to use coupons to obtain deals-- as long as the coupons are downloaded to their cellular phone. Businesses such as radio stations generally use text-to-win mobile marketing to let their listeners win free prizes like tickets.
Businesses can also obtain immediate feedback through mobile surveys. The surveys prompt customers to respond to a short number of questions. In exchange for completing the surveys, customers may receive a discount on a product.
Media outlets often use mobile marketing to generate reader- and viewership and keep in touch with them. For example, a television station may use news text alerts to inform their viewers about breaking weather or news.
Using Mobile Marketing
Regardless of how businesses employ mobile marketing such as SMS, messages alerts and mobile coupons, it is a way to keep in touch with customers. Typically, the marketing is done without face-to-face communication or distributing promotions using paper.