Mobile Marketing Tips for Businesses

Since mobile marketing differs from traditional forms of marketing such as commercials or print advertisements, companies must remember to take a different approach to creating their campaigns. For instance, with mobile marketing, the goal is to make sure consumers are engaged and interested in the content provided. Any content such as mobile coupons or discounts that are slow to load may lose customers and earn businesses a negative opinion. Here are some tips to consider when creating a mobile marketing campaign:
QR Codes
When developing a landing page to receive QR Codes on cellular phones do not install any flash devices on your phone. A flash device can cause the codes upload slow and on phones that come equipped with a flash.
In fact, it lessens the loading of the page time causing visitors to leave the webpages without viewing it. Businesses have to keep in mind that not every consumer uses iPhones and blackberries which do not use flash devices.
Using Text
Short message services (SMS) marketing, a type of mobile marketing, limits businesses to 165 characters. Thus, companies must write text in clear print and use only the necessary text to explain information. Mobile marketing doesn’t provide much room for wordy messages. So being direct and to-the-point works better.
Think about What the Information Looks
It’s sounds harsh, but it’s true. Strategize a plan or design for customers’ touch-screen interface mobile page. Make the button on the screen spaces out and large enough so visitors can navigate the screen without cursing. One of the complaints that users have is about the buttons not being large enough to hit.
Before Implementing Mobile Marketing Test, Test and Test Again
Whether businesses decide QR codes or SMS is the way to reach customers, they should always track and test campaigns. For example, when using QR Codes with landing pages test or track the page with an analytic package. This will allow for the best results or returns of different tracking elements.
Easy Connections for Visitors
Make your connection easier so visitors can connect or get in touch with you. The mobile landing page needs to be easily accessible to visitors.