Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing is more than texting a bunch of people with the goal of getting them into local retail shops, stores, spas and other businesses. Yes, the goal of marketing via mobile devices does include the goal of getting customers into stores. However, if it’s done wrong then customers may opt-out before even opting-in. That’s why businesses, large or small, need a mobile marketing strategy before rolling out a new mobile marketing campaign. Thus, there are some things to consider when creating a mobile marketing strategy.
Incorporate a Strategy that Deals with Consumers’ Technology Limitations
Remember to use a “one-size fits” all motto because not all mobile devices have the same bandwidths. Thus, customers with limited bandwidths may not be able to store or receive huge files. Thus, mobile marketing campaigns with large text files may be ignored. Instead focus on SMS, commonly referred to as texting. Instead of sending out a large file that includes a downloadable coupon, text a keyword to consumers can use at the point of sale.
An example of this can be a company offering a discount on a new product. Customers must text a keyword to receive a special promotional code. Once at the store, customers simply show the special promotional code to the sales clerk during the point-of-sale. There’s no coupons to print out and most customers have text messaging access so it’s a one-size fits all strategy.
Simple is Best When Using Mobile Marketing
In fact, one important thing about creating a mobile marketing strategy is keeping the campaign extremely simple. Mobile marketing campaigns should focus on one keyword or phrase that individuals can remember. Businesses can use a sentence, but it must be simple and ease to remember. Don’t go overboard when trying to think of the keyword or phrase. For example, a company giving away a free product when customers join a loyal program can just use the word “free” or keyword “free (product name).”
English Teachers May Cringe, but Proper English Isn’t Required
Businesses can employ a mobile marketing strategy that uses some English language “short cuts.” The goal isn’t to be hip, trendy or even to reach a younger audience. Mobile marketing includes Short Messaging Service (SMS), or text messaging which encompasses only 165 characters per text. Therefore, businesses have very little room to get their advertisement to consumers.
So, companies can use numbers and symbols instead of spelling the words complete out. For example, a text message can read, “Text (short code number) and get 2 subs for the price of 1.” However, always use numbers and symbols that are universal to all generations. Companies use text abbreviations that some customers don’t know may not receive a response.
Don’t Treat Mobile Marketing Any Different from Other Marketing Campaign
The goal of marketing is the same regardless of what type of campaign is used. Businesses want to market services and products to both new and old customers. So start considering a strategy that clearly outlines the objectives and goals. Businesses want goals and objectives that are easily tracked and most of all achievable. When those important details are complete, concentrate on finding new and innovative ways to employ the mobile marketing strategy that works.