Companies are Using Mobile Phone Marketing to Boost Revenue and Create a Buzz

Businesses typically want to reach existing and potential customers where their attention is usually focused. Mobile phone marketing allows businesses to go where they can always find customers, mobile devices. In fact, mobile marketing generates instant traffic and business because it’s done in “real time” unlike other forms of advertising such as emails, print campaigns, posters or television commercials. For example, emails can go unopened or sent to customers’ spam folders.
Also, unlike other forms of advertising, mobile marketing is less intrusive. Customers-- even potential ones-- must opt-in to receive messages from companies. Customers typically opt-in two ways. Existing customers agree at the point of sale. For example, a customer purchasing items at a retail store may agree to receive text messages from the store about products and special offers. A potential customer can hear the special offers or discounts and opt-in using a short code. In other words, the customer must text the business to receive the offers.
Businesses Have Many Different Mobile Phone Marketing Strategies to Use
Companies can choose from many different mobile phone marketing strategies to keep loyal customers and gain new ones. For example, text-messaging, also called SMS, uses a short code or shortened telephone number, to send messages to customers.
Multimedia messaging, or MMS, contains sound, graphics, pictures and text. Customers opt-in and receive messages about businesses’ products and goods. With both MMS and SMS, allows businesses to send special offers, discounts, and information to customers via a text-messaging provider.
Using Quick Response code, also called a QR code, allows individuals to use their mobile device to click on a mobile barcode. Once customers click on the barcodes, they receive store information, contests, discounts and information about that particular company.
Businesses can also request customers take pictures of their products via WiFi, cameras or GPS and send it to them. Then businesses can send the discounts such as a coupon via any mobile marketing strategy.
Warning about Using Mobile Phone Marketing
Mobile marketing works only when businesses have a detailed marketing plan tailored to mobile devices. For example, businesses should offer create a special club for customers to join. This can personalize the marketing campaign into one that people want to join. Also, with mobile marketing businesses should offer something free or an incentive for joining.
However, companies using or sending multiple text messages a day or week shouldn’t use mobile marketing. Customers may feel like they’re being aggressively marketed to and opt-out.